Friday, March 22, 2019

Buy books directly through me!

I now have an online store with a few items! Now if you want to get a book or poster directly from me you can head on over to the store and grab one. Make sure to let me know who you want it signed to (if anyone), or if you want a specific drawing inside the cover, or both. I will continue to still sell small prints, original art, and buttons in person only for the time being as I slowly grow the store, but it never hurts to email me with any special requests.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Welcome to!

I used this site for portfolio, promotion, and long term information. To follow me for short term updates, doodles, and random photos of my dogs, find me on social media, preferably
Recently my new book "Bake Like a Pro" came out (which you can buy in the "books" section of this site) and I'll be promoting it with future visits to comic conventions, craft and zine fairs, and signings. To have one of my books signed, or pick up some of my merch like buttons and prints, find me in person!

On this site you can check out some of my work, old and new, as well as see interviews and reviews in "Press" and past and upcoming appearances in "Events"

Please contact me via my email with any questions and thanks for visiting!

Mac and cheese

This comic was made for Ever Child a Readers free comic book, this years book was called "One World Many Stories" and I wrote about how mac and cheese connects to myself and to the world
You can download the complete book for free here

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Centaur Illustrations